Buttons and Graphics

Hey all, very new to this. Just started 2 days ago and found this as a great opportunity for me to get coding some games!

I’ve always wanted to do this… Anyway, let me get on with my question:

For people making their own games, did you or even do you have to create your own graphics for every level and all?
Just looking for a quicker way, because I don’t want to have to make 50+ level graphics when I’m not even that efficient with creating graphics to begin with.

Second question has been pretty much answered


You need to use the touched function to trap the finger press, then test if it was within the button area. There’s a touch demo project on the main Codea screen, and I’d search on the forum, there have been a few posts about this sort of thing.

I also have a board game project i described here


which uses touch to detect pressing on one of 6 buttons