Bug in multi touch example [iOS7]

I noticed that the Multi Touch example crashes if I use more than 3 touches simultaneously. More precisely, if I just touch the screen with 4 fingers nothing happens, but if I drag all 4 fingers the app just cannot handle it. Is this related to iOS7? Any suggestion to fix it or should we wait for a new release of codea?

Dragging up with four fingers is a thing with iPads, not even just iOS 7. It opens the multitasking bar, to switch between apps (and close them to preserve memory).

And if you notice something funny with pressing with three fingers, where they stay behind longer, that’s something with Codea, where if you triple-tap with three fingers it reveals the buttons, in case if the project is stuck in FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS. Codea just waits a moment to see if you’re doing it.

@SkyTheCoder, I understand, but the problem is that if I have an exported app (for example, the multitouch example) compiled and on my ipad, when switching to another app using 4 fingers and coming back, the touch count is all messed up and the app does not work properly. Do you know if it is possible to fix this?

@MoNuS Yes, I found the fix in @Zoyt’s concept for Codea on iOS 7. When it says

if touch.state == ENDED then

Change it to

if touch.state == ENDED or touch.state == CANCELLED then

Awesome!! Thanks a million!!!

@SkyTheCoder, it seems to work most of the time, but still sometimes the app does not recover after switching to another app and coming back… Could you point me to the task where @Zoyt proposed this concept so see it in more detail? Thanks!

@MoNuS - http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/Talk/discussion/3207/codea-flat-look-mockup-written-in-codea#Item_13

Thanks @Zoyt!

@MoNuS Yes, same here, it appears that iOS 7 has broken it a bit… Hopefully a new Codea update will fix it.

Thanks for the confirmation, @SkyTheCoder! I guess we will have to wait. I hope the update is available in November, though I do not see much going on on the @CodeaCommits twitter account… :frowning:

I also encounter this issue in my project. I think the problem is that when you use four fingers to switch to another app, the four touches are registered by codea, and the last state of these touches are MOVING. However, when you switch back, these touches are not existing and codea still trying to find these touches. You can test this with the multitouch example from the codea app library.

@MoNuS - Trust me, they’re working. Coding in Obj-C is not as fast paced as in Lua. IMHO, just because you develop 2 big apps, doesn’t mean you can’t have a life…
Anyways, that being said, it has been a bit more quite…

@Zoyt, I trust you man! And I blindly trust @Simeon and the Codea team. This is just a fantastic app that I get very anxious to see what is coming next! :slight_smile: