"body:ApplyForce" towards a touch?

I am working on a small game, and I need to attract a physics body towards the point on the screen which you touch. How would this be done? This is what I’m using right now (sorry if it’s not capitalized etc, just typing it in freehand wi out editor)

player:ApplyForce(vec2(CurrentTouch.x, currentTouch.y)

I can already see the problem: Currenttouch gives a touch value according to where it is on the screen, so in the top left corner the value is 764 and 1028. But how would you find touch compared to where you are? (Something tells me I’ll have to learn some weird triangle thing)

Maybe something like player:applyForce(vec2(CurrentTouch.x - player.x, CurrentTouch.y - player.y)) might have to multiply the values to be less, though.

Thank you so much. I was way overthinking this.