BMI medical helper


Every day im loving Codea more and more…
So, i am making a fully functional program, its function is simple: a Body Mass index calculator (BMI) a lot of healthcare providers use everyday to calculate how much you are overweighted (or under…)

The final idea is to deploy it on the appstore. The main difference is that the existing apps works mainly for you tracking you own BMI, but this software is intended to the healthcare provider to show to the patient and configure custom values, track various patients and must be visually atractive.

So i ask for your opinion on design…
This project is my first one on terms on something serious, but i want to see how it works to make more of them, like a suite of medical helpers. I already made a project template of a multiscreen app and i am very jealous of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Some screenshots of the design:

Green lines and text are placeholders. The design was made from zero.

It looks pretty nice. In my opinion, I prefer UI’s that fit the iOS 7. I would try it without the shadows and see what it looks like, but it’s up to you. Doing it without shadows would also make your life easier in Codea (assuming that’s what you’re using).
Side note: How did you manage a background blur in iDraw?

The shadows where made in iDraw, but Codea manage pretty well transparencies. I will try without them to see how it fits. Most of components are prerendered sprites.

By the way, i only could made blurred images in Photoshop Touch. I made two copies of each image, one of them blurred. Then, in iDraw, i masked it the size of the box i wanted. Then, i duplicate it and transform it to a tinted box to darken it.

EDIT: let me say i followed your advice Zoyt, and i am very happy with the results!

Very nice. Good luck with the app!