Bluetooth Keyboard

Hi guys,

I just wanted to share something for those out there who is having problems with typing on their ipads.

I am using a bluetooth keyboard and it really helps a lot while coding in Codea. You dont have to tap the screen at all so you can avoid modifiying stuff accidentally.

You can use shift-hold down- and arrow to select text, you can use Command-c to copy and Command-v to paste also Command-z to undo. Especially undo helps a lot, also copy paste stuff is really hard for me on ipad screen, so these little shortcuts saves lots of time.

I didnt know about these little shortcuts till very recent, it really helped me alot, wanted to share so if you didnt know already it can help you too. Check this video if you want to see it on action: -everything on video works on Codea editor too-

Happy Coding!.

Nice tips thank you.

Here is another tip for those of you who have a recent Mac with the wireless (bluetooth) keyboard but, like me, find it too much trouble to un-pair (forget) and re-pair your keyboard from your Mac each time you want to use it with your iPad…


I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and find it a godsend.

@Blanchot, this is great! Thanks for raising it again in that other thread. Just trying it now, and it will save time pairing and unpairing the keyboard if I am at my computer.

@Fred, I’m glad that it works for you! It is really quite ingenious no?

Also if you’re an emacs user you’ll find emacs navigation keys work just fine in iOS (and Mac OS X).

  • Ctrl+A - go to start of line
  • Ctrl+E - go to end of line
  • Ctrl+K - delete forward to end of line

There’s more but I use those frequently.

It’s really good. I like using arrows, selection, copy and paste etc.

That’s why I use it :slight_smile:

I don’t use (I do not have) the bluetooth keyboard.
Question; if you use the bluetooth keyboard in Codea, what about the extended part of the iPad keyboard. The extra row above the keyboard.
How can you then select, for instance, the “eye” button (the Codea Reference button) ?

It is shown when the editor screen is active. Very cool.

Okay, jlslate.
I think I will buy a bluetooth keyboard !!

@hartland - It’s a wonderful thing. And I’m pretty sure that with 1.3, there will be some crazy Bluetooth keyboard stuff! Have fun!