BleakUI Help

For anyone that is a fan of survival horror such as myself, I’m sure you have played and completed Resident Evil 7: Biohazard at least a few times now. Being a fan of minimalism and sleekness, i loved the UI scheme that they used, and I’m trying to design my own while taking heavy inspiration from the game. I have a small demo below and was wondering if you guys could test for bugs and offer suggestions as to what else needs to be added/fixed.

@ShatteredWindow I loaded and ran your code. I don’t play games, so I’m not familiar with Resident Evil. What is your code supposed to do. The star can move back and forth, a second star shows, you can enter text, and change the title. Is there anything else I’m missing.

It’s just a little Demo of a UI set I’m working on. I need help trying to break it

@ShatteredWindow That’s just it, you say you need help trying to break it. Break what? What is it supposed to do besides what I mentioned above.

Try to find bugs, glitches, etc.

@ShatteredWindow I love the appearance of your UI. I didn’t find any bugs in your code, but running your code did lead me to find a bug in Codea itself.

My curiosity is getting the better of me @Simeon, what was the bug in Codea?

@ShatteredWindow when using a bluetooth keyboard the back/pause/restart/record buttons in the runtime move to the wrong position (as if the software keyboard is displayed). I noticed when I tried using your text field with a bluetooth keyboard.

I noticed that, i just thought it was a result of the combination of the system keyboard trying to display but being trumped by the Bluetooth keyboard

Nice build!