Birthday Discount

Okay so I know this is just wishful thinking but could we have a birthday discount… Please?

Codea’s birthday is October 26. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you if it will go on sale.

Oh bother it was worth a shot

.@Dalorbi, from my humble perspective, I like the fact that the Two Lives Left team charges you once for the app and gives you everything you need. They could have, for instance, decided to sell the basic Codea app for $4.99 and then include 99 cent IAPs for a Physics package add-on and a Text package, a Sprite package, a Mesh package etc. Many companies use this process to entice you and then nickel and dime you to death with IAPs. I paid ten bucks total and this is what I recieved: An all-inclusive, easy-to-use, iOS programming environment plus far more than ten bucks worth of professional advice, tips, and code samples to help me become a better programmer.

@Ric_Esrey I agree with what you’re saying but yes i am very greedy and a wishful thinker, the way you put it however makes me realise how selfish i was being at that thanks again Ric and sorry @Simeon

.@Dalorbi you weren’t being selfish at all — I just can’t tell you if we’re going to put it on sale or not :slight_smile: