Binairo, a binary puzzle game

Hi people, I am proud to announce you my first (unfinished) game

It is a binary puzzle game (google will tell you how to solve such a thing)

Tho i still need some advice about some things

How can i make it load a screen before all of the other stuff gets done? Because how it’s coded now… even tho it should load a screen before heavy calculation… it still only loads after the calculation… (now it doesn’t load alot, but in function loadSulutions(), the loop should go untill 7, not 3)

Or should i do this: save all thos calculations in a table… and put that table in plain code in there…?
Or should i let the program run once… and then save the table so that all other times it runs faster…?

Any more sugestions/ideas? Let me know! :wink:

to anyone good with app design and button design etc, i could always use some help with that :slight_smile:

Current version (Beta 1.1)

  • 2 puzzles included, 1 6x6 and 1 14x14
  • app needing a long time to start because of the huge for loop, will be hardcoded soon to reduce the start up time
  • in-game pause menu
  • win screen

To do:

  • add more levels
  • nicer UI
  • shorter start up time
  • splash screen
  • sounds

Try looking up codea Splash Screens

Ok CodeaNoob, will do :wink:

very cool
somes suggestions:

  1. when I choose a table and start playing, I can not return me to choose another table

  2. the game is pretty smart, but you could add sounds to make it more interactive


  1. yes i know, i will make the ingame menu asap
  2. yeah, once the game’s pretty much finished, i’m going to learn about sounds in codea :slight_smile:

I started this project a while ago, but i recoded the whole thing in like 2 days, i didn’t have internet and got bored, i hope i’ll finish this one day :slight_smile:

edit: to anyone good with app design and button design etc, i could always use some help with that :slight_smile:

@stevon8ter .excellent codea sounds are very interesting, I’m even doing a piano and most of the code is going to sound, because there is a bit more complicated, but for your game is quite simple, if you need help just ask

@luismi, i saw your piano project, and it’s really looking awesome, well i’ll probably call for your help in a day or 2, first going to finish a robist version of the ingame menu and win screen :stuck_out_tongue: but that won’t be for today anymore, or atleast not for directly, i am sooo tired :o but hey i’ll probably start coding again around 23am (4:30 hours from now) xd

UPDATE to version Beta 1.1, details → top post


Good !! Already downloaded :slight_smile:

hehe :slight_smile:

now, i’ll look into splash screens
and btw, is there a way for me to do the loop… and then copy the resulting table?

You said print the result of the game ? @stevon8ter

no, I mean, in the begining i have a function called
loadSolutions, which generates a table

But that’s the function taking so much time to calculate…

Is there a way for me to let that functions run once… and then for me to copy the complete ‘hard code’ table? so that i can just paste the table so that i can delete the function?

btw, do you know why this code only shows the background color?

    if screen == splash then
        background(255, 0, 98, 255)
        fill(0, 0, 0, 255)
        text("Please wait while we're loading the game", WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2)

Yes is possible , but I need to see more code , right now I am in my iPhone , later I help you ok . And yea this function will show the background because it is calling . This is the draw function right ?

yes it’s in the draw function, but it only exucutes 1 time since after the loadsolutions function, the screen var gets changed, but it doesn’t display the text :confused:
but whatever xd
and ok, i’ve got time, take your time :wink:

from what I saw in the code that was very little I’ve worked with Gamestate status changes, if you work with it, you have to be careful when using state changes, because that may be the reason that the game take so long to start. eye only think, but I have to do the code later. :slight_smile:

hey i already found out, i searched a bit and found a function to convert the table to a string, now that i’ve done that, it starts up immediatly since my program doesn’t have to do the calculations anymore :slight_smile: tho i can’t acces the tab where i pasted that table, it’s too big and causes enourmous lag in that tab xD but everything else works fine :wink:

updated version: CC and top post

oh waoo jajaj , good for you

@stevon8ter Does the 14x14 have a unique solution? I got to a point where I had 8 left to get and I couldn’t see a reason why they had to be in a particular way. I had some constraints, but they basically boiled down to them being in one of two configurations. I guessed at one and it accepted my answer but I don’t know what’s wrong with the other one. But it’s the first time I’ve encountered these puzzles so I may have missed something.

Some suggestions:

  1. Make it possible to save a board at a particular stage and then go back to it. Often one wants to say “Suppose that were a ‘1’ …”. By saving the board, you make it easy to apply this type of reasoning.

  2. Make the “undo” button more like the traditional undo button with a curved arrow on it. An “X” looks dangerous to press!

  3. Perhaps an “easy” mode where the computer tells you if you make an illegal move.

@Andrew_Stacey thx for the feedback

first, i came to that constitation with the 14x14 as well, i might not have done my maths right while converting it quickly, i still gotta build an easy level maker :wink:

  1. Well that’s a great idea, I might give that a try soon, also i might add multiple colors…
  2. Yes I just took the ‘X’ because I haven’t done anything like sprite importing yet, so i just got to look that up :wink: But it isn’t realy an undo button, it’s more a delete button
  3. I’ll see if I can get such a thing working

but for all of these things, I’m 17 and have it kinda busy with school, so if I can make some spare time :wink:

Tho I might first try to make some kind of robot simulator thing (something like chipbots, but still different, and without the ‘playing’ part, since my final project for school will be, comparing a Lego EV3 robot with a Formula Flowcode robot

But thanks for the helpful feedback :slight_smile: