Beyond the iPad

Hi all,
I’m a seasoned adobe air developer (I have a few apps in a few app stores) and have been using Codea to teach my son programming. It has been really amazing!

I have also started using it to prototype ideas, a sort of coding sketchbook. I have a few more elaborate projects I built in it and have really fallen in love with the portability and amazing quickness at whipping ideas together in Codea.

So the question is, how to get this out of Codea and onto iPhones, iPads, Android and other gadgets?

I realize there is an export to Xcode, but was wondering if there was planned support for something more in keeping with the ease of the Lua language and Codea in general.

I saw that there was a a prototype for a Moai runtime, this is pretty interesting. I can imagine having something setup so that Codea projects can be exported and dropped right into Moai with no tweaking needed - that would be so awesome! From a Codea standpoint, Moai has all the extended functionality, like IAP, GameCenter, etc so Codea would never have to worry about that. And users could go back and forth seamlessly so they can do test builds on other platforms without ever having to give up using Codea in their project.

One thing I am missing so far is the ability to test at different screen sizes - like at least having an iPhone size setting so I can see if my code will handle that correctly.

Ok, just some thoughts, thanks for the great tool!


I think you need to be talking directly to the developers, @Simeon or @John, about this.

To test at different screen sizes couldn’t you just reset the value of the WIDTH & HEIGHT values, your output would be limited to the bottom left corner but other than that it should sort of work.

Also I seem to remember that some work was done on a Codea runtime using the Love2D lua framework.

I thought it was a wrapper for Love2D to write codea code on the pc and run it?

Yes, to test the iPhone just do

WIDTH = 320
HEIGHT = 640

In setup. (Those might be wrong I’m not completely certain about the actual dimensions)

Getting apps to the iPhone isn’t too tough. You just have to be respectful of the resolution difference, both in the sense of positioning and in checking to make sure that the scale of items isn’t TOO small on the smaller screen. I’ve turned a couple of my Codea-based apps into universal apps with just a bit of math.