Beta testing a Codea made app

I’m slowly edging towards getting my first game in the App Store and am looking to get some Beta testing done on it before sending it off. As am new to this I’ve been following @Reefwing’s excellent tutorials but they don’t make mention of this.

As I see it I could recruit a bunch of testers and send them the raw code and associated sprite resources and get them to test within Codea, which is not necessarily ideal. Alternatively I guess it could be package up using Xcode and released under some sort limited manner (I’ve seen talk of the Codea beta have a limited number of beta tester slots) but not sure if this applicable to apps developed in codea and how I would go about doing this.

Any info on this would be much appreciated

Hi @West - good idea for a tutorial! I’m in the same position as you and plan to give test flight ( a go. This is what the TLL folk use and from a beta tester perspective it is really easy to download and run an app that you are testing. You will need to package it up in Xcode first, but you will need to do this at some stage and it makes sense to test that version.

I’m not sure how easy it is from the developer perspective but I’m sure @Simeon could provide some insight.

Hi @Reefwing - thanks for the response - I’ll look into it. Also, more than happy to help out with your beta testing if you like

.@West TestFlight is really nice and is the way to go

  • You invite testers by email
  • They sign up and register their device(s)
  • TestFlight gives you the IDs to add to your provisioning profile
  • You create builds signed with that profile
  • Upload the build to TestFlight (using their desktop app is the best way)

You can also recruit testers via an open invitation link.

.@West - I’m probably a couple of weeks out from being feature complete. I will then try and suss out test flight. I’ll send you an invite to the beta test.