‘BattleX’ NOW available on the App Store

Hi Team,

Our second game is now available on the App Store. Made 100% with Codea…

BattleX is a local multiplayer real-time strategy game for 2-4 players played over Wi-Fi.

Simple to learn but hard to master… this is the game that teaches you the need for both tactical and strategic decision making, with simple graphics that allow the real-time nature of the game to shine through.

Create troop supply lines, build bases, dig and fill in the landscape to facilitate strategic advantage and surround your enemy in preparation for attack.

Featuring a clean user interface and an interactive tutorial, BattleX is the classic strategy game supporting iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with iOS8+.

BattleX is now available for £0.79 in the UK and is priced accordingly in other regions.
There is a free version called BattleX Lite that allows 5 minutes of play…

Please visit http://www.brookevickers.com for more information including game guide and multimedia.

This app is developed by BrookeVickers, an iOS game development partnership founded in 2013.

Looks interesting. Do you have any video of gameplay?

Hi @Ignatz ,

We do here: http://www.brookevickers.com/BattleX_Review.mov

Unfortunately it does appear to be a) upside down and b) rather shaky…

Will try and get a better video up…