Basic Games programming --> LUA ? :)

Thanks so much for doing this Ipda41001!

Thanks guys! You worked hard, you deserve a thank you! NOW! I have an additional chance to learn Codea. =D>

thx for the support, formatting changes done, any comments welcome

  • Coloring Bubbles – using fill
  • Square Bubbles? – using rect
  • See Though Bubbles – using nofill
  • Thicker Bubbles – using strokewidth
  • More Coloring Bubbles – using stroke

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I’m sort of stuck. I think I’ve exhausted the simple.

So, far most of this has been Codea commands with very little Lua.

The code is also starting to get a bit messing.

I was thinking of the next step being to convert what is there to a class to get those skills started early. I was going to show a function, then skip right to a “friend” class. Spritey will become an instance of the “friend” class, then more freinds will be added using the class. I think associating classes early rather than later and assoicating them with “friends” is a good progression.

From there it would either be additional Codea functions or Lua. I’m leaning towards doing many Lua ones, then the remaining Codea, then the remaining Lua.

Eventually I will need some help with ideas on some of the math functions as far as what would make a good example of usefulness.

Somewhere along the way, these simple examples will just be there to provide a place to link back to for longer game examples.

Also at some point I’m thinking of stopping the waterfall method where each one builds on the previous. Since complicated things bring in more code, going back to a common starting point rather than building may be clearer.

I think you’ve laid enough of a foundation to maybe tackle a complete project. How about something like a whack-a-mole game?