I’ve installed badland recently and have a huge pleasure playing that game. It is a game that, in principle, we could do in codea because there is not too much power involved (i think). However the fantastic gameplay, level progress and graphics are the things it would be really difficult to do just being alone. I wonder how many people were involved in this game?

One of the reviews says it was a two man company, but they may have contracted in outside help as well.

I think Codea is well suited to side scrolling and I’ve been wondering about building a simple one. I’d be happy to collaborate on something like this.

2 people mad it, Johannes Vuorinen (programming) and Juhana Myllys (art)

Juhana is a great artist. I just love every little detail of the game. Everything is so beautiful… Reminds me a mix of Riven and Heart of Darkness (yeah, i am that old).

Thanks for the recommendation, wasted some time on that game now, really nice. :slight_smile:

I had an idea earlier and wrote some code in another thread for creating a swarm of ships, which can be controlled with multitouch swipes on the screen.

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BADLAND is one of my all time favourite games. It uses box2d like codea and shouldn’t be too difficult to code

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