Hey so quick question.

I was wondering if I could make a program that would run as my background.

It would contain moving objects and when I touched the screen, and action would occur.

I know you make Applications with this stuff, but is there a way I could make something for my background image??

Sounds more like something you would get from Cydia, Not Codea. Sorry, but Codea doesnt have the power

Okay thanks. Idk what Cydia is.

Cydia is the application/hacks store used to download programs onto jailbroken devices

@CodeaNoob - First of all, there are many apps that run in the background on the iOS store, and second of all, by “power”, you mean there isn’t much of a use for it in a game prototyping iOS app. If you really need this feature, Pythonista runs in the background about 2 minutes after you exit the app.

Then ya, Jailbreak is the way to go


I know they run “in” the background, but he wants something that acts like the lockscreen, homescreen of the ipad, not the multiple apps you can run while uou do something else