Back up all projects

Is there a tool to back up every single one of my projects to github easily? That AutoGist tool seems to require putting a version at the top of every one. I have about two hours to back up 300 projects and i dont have time to be more judicious as to which ones get saved, so i need to save them all and filter later.

@Monkeyman32123 I have a backup program I use for my programs. I have over 400 projects that I backup in about 3 seconds. I save them in Dropbox on the iPad and then sync them with the Dropbox app. I can even restore any of the projects if I need to. I once deleted Codea by mistake which also deleted all my projects. I was able to restore all of them, but because Codea doesn’t allow the creation of a project by program control, I had to create the project names manually. See the link below for an old version and to see if that’s something you’re after.

Exactly what im looking for except i cant find the file in the asset list

@Monkeyman32123 I only backup the projects. What do you have in the asset that you want backed up. Maybe I can change my current version to backup local, project, and global data and other stuff. I getting ready to mow the yard, 3 hours, so I won’t be answering soon.

@Monkeyman32123 The program creates a .txt file backup so it’s viewable in the Dropbox app. Codea doesn’t show .txt files when you look at assets. Even though you can’t see the backup file, it’s there when you read it back. If you use the readtext() command to see all of the .txt files, it should show that way.

@Monkeyman32123 Maybe another thing that needs to be done to see the file in assets/Dropbox is to exit the backup program and wait a minute or 2 for Codea to do whatever it needs to do so the file shows.