AutoSave while using AirCode


I love this app really much, I’ve been using it for about 3 months now.
Yesterday, however, I was testing my code using AirCode, I pressed Ctrl-R and i only saw a black screen, then Codea just exited, crashed. Later I realized, that from 5 tabs, 3 disappeared and 3 months of work was just gone.I tried to get it back with iFunbox and iExplorer in the folder, but Sadly, they were gone.That’s why I’d like to make a suggestion to make an autosave feature whenever someone’s using AirCode to save all the contents to a folder on your PC so whenever such things happen, one could easily continue from where he was.

In my projects I’ve been using the utility that Ignatz provided here:

It’s not quite an autosave, you have to remember to update your version number to trigger a save, but I think that’s a better option. An autosave might have triggered and overwritten your previous good save with the version with the missing tabs. Plus I like it as I’ll often much about with my code trying to get it to work and in the process totally mess it up. This allows me to roll back to the last version where everything was working as I wanted and try again.

Hope that helps with your future projects.