Automatic App Creation Tool (Build app without Xcode 5)


Previously I had posted a thread on an automatic coding utility. However, this is much different. Would anyone be interested in having a website where you upload your Codea code, app name, version, bundle identifier etc. then having the generated .ipa file emailed to you? I have the ability to do this using java,html,css and php which I am mostly fluent in. If you are interested or have a suggestion please leave a comment below so I can get a general idea if anyone would actually be interested in this. If so, I will pursue it.


@Jmv38 I saw in a post a while ago you thought that a tool like this would be great. If your still interested, I recommend following this thread.

I would like a utility for this, it’d probably make the process a lot easier.

Why not just download or save the generated file, instead of emailing it? (By the way, I think you mean JavaScript, Java is completely different.)

I am aware of the difference. I am using Java because I am not aware of any utilities to create the .ipa file online so my program will download, modify and convert the file on a spare computer then re upload and email the user the file since I am doing the converting offline using several Java classes.

@austinmccoy I assumed you meant JavaScript because you said having a website, and you listed Java alongside a bunch of web-based programming languages.

@SkyTheCoder Thats fine, I can see how anyone would presume I meant Javascript since it makes the most logical sense as it is in the middle of a list of web-based programming languages.

I wonder if also uploading the app through the app manager would be nice? This would allow any PC user to submit an app completely through this service. The only thing is that it requires private details. What do you think?

@austinmccoy This would be absolutely amazing if you actually make it.

Thank you! I will post updates as I proceed.

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@NatTheCoder IMO Java is definitely harder than Lua, Hello World comparison:


package main;

public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello World!");

(I probably forgot some things, I’m a little rusty)


print("Hello World!")

Anyways, we’re getting off-topic. Let’s get back to talking about this awesome idea for helping making Xcode projects.

Update: I am nearly finished with the website. In order to avoid having to pay money for a file upload service, I am making a nifty work around. The website will be visible later today. However, it will not be usable until I finish the computer side of the project. A link will be posted soon.

@SkyTheCoder - I wouldn’t call that harder, I’d call that a logical decision to require the coder to structure their code.

@austinmccoy personally it would depend on how easier you would make my life building apps. Could I put a dropbox link to the zip in and build from there? Or would I need to place the Zip/xcodeproj file/folder in there? If it is the latter then it would not be as much of a help as it could be (it still would help a lot). Also who would sign the project? You?

@Zoyt I would call it more time-consuming :wink:

@SkyTheCoder - I’d call it something you have to do for every program that can do anything you write. Then again, if you were logical and were using Swift, you could use playgrounds to test simple things like that. :wink: #JavaIsOneOfTheWorsteLanguageEver

@Zoyt - You’re not being fair to Java. Even in other languages, such as C++, you would need more code for a Hello World.

In C++:

#include <iostream>
int main() {
std::cout << "Hello World!";
return 0;

(I am a little rusty.)

See this link,

Well that was informative. I learned that there’s a programming language called LOLCODE.

Back to the disscussion, @austinmccoy, how will the .xcodeproj files be uploaded? Using a PC or an iPad?

Well, that was an interesting debate between the programming languages. I personally think Java is great! Don’t even bring up LOLCODE :)) that shouldn’t even be a language, never the less, they created

Back on topic. The project will be uploaded through Codea. When you export the project, you will choose to email the file then email the project to a given address. As far as uploading things like app icons, I’ve not decided yet. Do any Xcode experts out there have an idea as to how I should sign the files? Would there be a problem if I signed them all?

So essentially what your website is going to do is sign the provisioning profile and distribution profile so you don’t need to log into a Mac computer to do it?

Would be a nice tool but anyone wanting to add iAds or game center would still need to log into Xcode