Auto Sync Dropbox Option

For people that use Dropbox to backup their projects, I think an Automatic Sync Option for Dropbox would be pretty useful since you need to sync for your .txt files to be uploaded. It could sync when Codea launches or a project launches. Being able to sync dropbox by calling a meathod in your code would also be helpful. I don’t know how relistic any of this is but just a thought.

I believe this would be a nice feature. Before I learned about sockets I had a idea to use dropbox as a server. Two devices both linked to the same dropbox account. One would save a txt file to dropbox then the other would read it, write something new and “send” it back by overwriting the txt file with a new message. The problem is that you need to sync it to get the newest version of the file. And sockets work so much better.