Auto inclusion of assets when exporting [SOLVED]

Some of my assets are not showing up when I export my project using the automatically include function. I have the following code:

    for i=1,10 do
            local tileimg="Dropbox:tile"..string.sub("anagramal",i,i)

With images named tilea, tilen, tiler and so on. These assets are failing to show up, whereas the rest of them (not using string concatenation) do. Anyone else experienced anything similar and have found a solution?

I know I could probably create a new asset pack with all the images in and will do for new projects, it’s just that I have a fair number of images and wondered if there was a short cut or something I’m missing

@West the auto-include only works when it can find the full name of the asset in your code. If you simply list them somewhere as strings — e.g., make a table of all included assets, then it will pick them all up and use them.

Otherwise, just manually include your Dropbox or Documents folder and delete the unused assets from your exported project.

@Simeon - thanks for the response - I’ll try the table approach