Asteroyds - ystari board game

Hello ! This is a demo of ystari board game : asteroyds
Rules are on site ystari.
But in this (demo) version a have some bugs … With the move of blue asteroys, with doors , …
If you look in code many problems, comments in this discussion

Link :

I’ve "up"graded to 1.2.7 and can’t download .codea

If it’s small can you paste it somewhere?

If it’s large can you run it though @Bortel’s converter (or even if it’s small)?

10 class … It’s big but what’s @Bortel’s ?

Ok, i have upload my code :

Hexgrid, yay

I’ll have to learn the rules and try

Just, in class main, comment displayMode(fullscreen_no_button) is not a comment, delete :
“–” before x)

THere was apparently a problem with the space in the filename - HyroVitalyProtago, can you try to upload it again?

Ok, and this is a screenshoot :

Cool. Thanks.

I have upgraded codea, for the moment I can’t post the last version with no bugs …

with no bugs …

Really? :smiley:

@HyroVitalyProtago (long name!) - Want to enter it in my compitition? I’ll take the buggy version and ignore them because I know you updated it.

For bugs … Not really for the moment :smiley: And for competition, why not :slight_smile:

In The Near Future, I post a update version (V9) but for the moment, I’m in testing phase ^^