ASCII art in Codea

Is it possible?

|\\ | _ _|_  |_) _  _ _ o|_ | _ 
| \\|(_) |_  |  (_)_>_> ||_)|(/_

Wow. Nice. Alright. That’s too bad. I had to take a second look at that. Haha.

But it will be yes?

It would be cool… But most likely not. I just want to convert images to Codea 8-bit art.

I guess I’m confused by the question.

ASCII art is just art done with letters - it’s like making a picture on an old, manual typewriter.

You can do it now, today, using one of the font libraries.

What am I missing?

Oh. I feel ingenious. Sorry.

ASCII art is cool and will always be cool. Cool in McLuhan’s sense, that is not hot. ASCII art is cool because it is ultra low definition. Cool because constraints are cool.

I say go for it Zoyt.

Like @Bortel’s “Not Possible” above.
Is there a way to have a multi-line string?

Art is defined by limits of the media - overcoming those limits is what makes art good. Indeed, as much as I chafe at limits in Codea and suggest features, it’s those limits that make coding something that goes beyond them fun. I’ll be blunt - Fonts are mostly boring. But the concept of adding fonts to Codea when it had no font support? Delicious

The Mona Lisa is just blobs of paint on a canvas - the art is what it evokes in the viewer.

I’ve seen ASCII art that is quite beautiful.

See also

 Is there a way to have a multi-line string?

Of course. You use this:
in your string.

Most – if not all ASCII art – is made with a monospaced font.

Edit: that neatorama link is perverse.

AHG! I knew that from a while ago. Thanks. That makes it easy to do ASCII art. Thanks.