Are there limitations???

Hello to all of you codea forum members. I am new to this forum so please take it easy on a beginner like me :). Mainly my question deals with the limitations or what codea can or cannot do. I want to make sure I can make rts( real time strategy), rpg(role playing games), fps( first person shooter) etc. before I jump head first into learning lua, processing, graphics and all the other gears that make codea work. You could strip my question down to this: Are there games that cannot be made with codea??? I don’t want to spend weeks learning all of this just to be disappointed by learning that there are limitations…

If there are basically no brick walls to hit, my second question would have to be where to start learning how to make codea work. Thanks ahead for your answers, please keep your answers in as simple form as possible since I have next to no programming experience.(I did try learning obj-c once though)

Forgive me for any errors in this thread, or if I basically asked the same question as somebody else, please correct me if I do so.


My personal opinion is that Codea is great for 2D games like puzzles, sidescrollers, etc, and being designed specifically to update the screen 60 times a second, is ideally suited to games of movement. As a beginner, you can create your own games with a bit of practice.

I have found Lua to be an elegantly simple language, and Codea is beautifully designed, so they are well suited to beginners. I had previously tried Apple’s xCode and it was a nightmare, even with previous programming experience.

3D is also feasible but requires a great deal of work and skill (which it does in any language), and I wouldn’t be attempting that until you are experienced. If this is particularly what you want, I have a post showing what’s involved, here:

All in all, I would say Codea is by far the easiest way to program games for mobile, so it would be well worth the small price. The community is friendly and helpful, too.

@DTK - I agree with @Ignatz, Codea is an ideal way to start game programming (regardless of the genre). In addition to Ignatz tutes, check out and the wiki (

Codea is a great way to learn and you will see progress fast.

I 100% agree with ignatz and reefwings.
However, to be completely fair, i’ll add this small comment: Codea is great to make small or average size programs (size up to 2000 lines?). When my program are getting bigger, i discovered i start to hit a ‘complexity wall’ that make any progress or improvement of the program impossible to me. I suspect it is possible to go beyond this wall with some good practice (professional experience, good object programming, design patterns?) but for the time being i have failed to go beyond that. Codea great simplicity is not ‘by nature’ well adapted to make easily huge programs (but maybe no langage is).
Last word: i love codea!

These tuts arent the best, but i have some at, and i have many more to be added

Sorry but I would have to disagree with @CodeaNoob’s last statement. IMHO, @Reefwing and @Ignatz have really awesome tutorials. And the Wiki is also pretty good. I can’t comment on CodeaNoob’s tutorials because I haven’t had time to go through them yet. But I do appreciate all of the tutorial makers since they do this work for the benefit of the community.

@Ric_Esrey I think @codeanoob was reffering to his tutorials not the others.

Whoops… Now that I read it again, I see you were correct @Briarfox. I owe @CodeaNoob a soda.