Applying gravity to some physic bodies, but not others

Hi again guys! Last time I started a discussion I wanted to know how to make a character stop “falling” when
it touches certain positions, it all went fine and dandy until I decided I could do a lot more with the box2d physics. Ex: Rope bridges, Dynamic cave-ins etc. But yet again, I’ve ran into a problem (surprise surprise)
It seems as if I want to give the character gravity, the terrain I want to stay put falls also. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time.

May be a physics.joint can be helpful :slight_smile:

@Prynok set gravityScale to 0 on the physics.objects you don’t want to fall or set their types to STATIC.

EDIT: If you set the gravityScale to 0, they will still move because of collisions. If you don’t want them to move at all, setting type to STATIC will keep them from moving.

Oh splendid! Thanks dave!