Apple notified us of violations (re downloadable code)

We received a call from Apple about violations regarding downloadable executable code (namely, the .codea packages).

We have worked with Apple and have resolved the issue. The app will be available to download/purchase in the future, but we have removed the sharing feature in the next update. We will attempt to convince Apple that the feature is benign and that we should be able to keep it using their official channels.

Hi, I don’t know how Apple Store policy works, but will we be ‘forced’ to upgrade to 1.2.7 (ie will Apple do it for us) or can we choose to remain on 1.2.5?
1.2.5 seems capable enough, so why not remain on that one and continue sharing Codea programs?

In the current release???

We put in an update, which was delayed, and now this. I guess they found it in the update, but no doubt they will/have looked for it in the currently released version as well.

WHAT? No! Its such a great app, it introduced me lua and programming itself! No :confused: no updates anymore, no please not!!

I was afraid this was all too good to be true. I will hope for the best…

Me too!

I can only think of two things it could be - the loadstring() stuff, or the ability to click on and load a .codea file. If it’s loadstring() - I still kinda don’t know how that’s downloadable code, as it’s got to be stuff on the ipad now. If it’s .codea files - that’ll be really annoying, cut and paste is a really bad user experience.

It’s a pity that the first rule in the app store’s user guidelines isn’t “user experience should trump all other rules”.

He mentioned it was the .codea thing (emailing code specifically).

ah - wait, just read the top message in full, not in a fit of panic/rage.

I’d push back on this. The .codea packages do nothing we can’t do with cut and paste. Indeed they do nothing javascript can’t do, already.

But that was a Great featute! With posterous in combinaton…

Then this Website Must invent its own filesharing - somehow - ipadfriendly.

He is calling Simeon, who will no doubt make our case as best he can. We will see what happens then.

Good luck Simeon!

@Maxiking16: Even if we implemented filesharing in some way, we would still be violating their terms (according to them, ie, downloading executable code onto the ipad, that isn’t javascript meant for use in their javascript engine).

FWIW - was spelunking in app store, “luaconsole” app has at the top of it’s “features”:

  • Removed clipboard.pastetofile() function per request to conform with AppStore Guidelines for iOS apps

Crap - that means every Way of filesharing is violating their terms?

@Bortels Looks like they are cracking down on executable code downloads in general.

@Maxiking16 yeah pretty much (aside from copy/paste I guess)

Yeah but thats exactly the same - the only difference is that copy/paste is much more work -.-

They have a prohibition against downloadable code.

It’s a remnant of their war against Flash. It was originally a prohibition against interpreted code, but they slowly realized that most professional big-game devs use some sort of interpreter internally to make things easier - indeed, many use Lua. The UI in world of warcraft is largely written in Lua. So - they changed it to “no downloadable code”, but I (at least) was hoping that with Flash on mobile officially dead, they’d relax that prohibition - and indeed, for a while, they seem to have had.

In the olden days - I typed in programs out of magazines. Line by Line. Took days in some cases. I had hoped those days were past. :-\