Apple default UI

Codea is a powerfull app to create games for the Ipad. But because there is no nice looking UI it’s hard to create good looking apps. Codea is powerfull enough to great apps. So why not include the default Apple UI?

Maybe something for a new version of Codea?

Have you looked at Cider? Sure it is not the apple UI but it is pretty sweet.

+1 for UI elements with the default iOS look :slight_smile:

Ruilov’s old code had some simple controls that are apple-like. I’m thinking of porting those into Cider and/or Cider2.

That’s what I’ve seen here:
Go ahead! Would love to see it.

Apple does not allow coding apps to use native UI elements, except for some lucky ones. The app iLuaBox learned that the hard way. Apple seams to be loosening up on App Store guidelines for coding, but it’s not worth TTL’s time. Then again, I wouldn’t mind seeing text boxes in Codea.