App Store button - check! How about screengrab and post that to Facebook?


has anyone coded a button for submitting a review for their iOS app in codea? - works now! Thanks see posts below.

Now I’d like to screengrab a highscore and post that to Facebook.


Don’t you first have to publish the app to get an app id? This seems like a snag in that plan

@Monkeyman32123, you get the app id when you register it in itunes connect which you pretty much need to do to test anyways. Not to mention, @Majormorgan 's app is already published

Oh ok lol, makes sense. I helped a friend publish something and so I only know bits and pieces of the process

@Majormorgan, this could be accomplished using openURL() and the appropriate app store url shortcut. I’ll see if I can find the correct link and put together a little example for you

EDIT: Here it is. In IOS 7 you can’t link directly to the review page, but you can get the appstore open to the page for your application using this url: itms-apps:// where APP_ID is your application id.

So, for example if your appID was 123456 then you could do this: openURL("itms-apps://")

I know @Zoyt’s got a fancy Obj-C add-on that can add a Lua function to make a “rate app” popup appear.

@Majormorgan, @JakAttak, @SkyTheCoder - The option to send the user to the review screen was removed in iOS 6, however, you can still make the user either go the app in the app store or popup a UIModalView that contains the app. But you can’t review the app in the UIModalView.

@Zoyt, yes I mentioned that above. But using openURL to take the user to the App Store page should be good enough.

FWIW - if an app pops up a rate me screen, I’ll either ignore it or rate it (depending on my mood and if I’m busy) but if a Facebook popup appears, it’s goodbye game and it’ll be deleted in the spot. (I’ve done that with free and premium apps… Nag me to use faecesbook and it’ll be deleted on the spot)

Thanks all! I’ll give it a try. Just launching the iTunes Store on the page is enough. Thank you all!

Also how about a facebook share post? Say your score? Can it open up facebook, a post and pre populate it with text? Or text and an image?

@Majormorgan, have a look here:

Thanks all.

It’s not a pop up but a button to choose to do either.

Thanks, Major

Thanks @JakAttak that get URL to the iTunes Store works brilliantly well

Also the Facebook post list is ace - thanks

So now I’d like to screw cap a high score and post that within a new Facebook post. Is that possible without building in the Facebook sdk?


@Majormaorgan - I also have a library for native Twitter and FaceBook sharing on my Objective C library compilation. Go check that one out.

Thanks Zoyt! Silly question, where do I find your libraries? Thanks !

No offence intended but I really HATE apps that constantly nag me to post crap on facebook and twitter, I use neither and never will and I’ve deleted more than one game I really liked because it forever nagged me to post to fb and I won’t.

i cant be the only person to do this.

@Majormorgan -
@Paul123 - I agree, but this is not the right place to post complaints. Some people just want to share their score and brag to friends… @Majormorgan is not necessarily going to make an app that bags you to share your score and about the app.

@Paul123, there is a difference between being constantly nagged to share on facebook and having an option at the end of a game to post your score. If there is just an optional button on the screen, i think that’s fine, some people will use it and for those that choose not to they are not being forced or nagged.