App creation for app store?

I found this app/website through some research, and was interested in app development for ios. Also just found out that you can only use their development tools under an osx environment (Which totally makes sense, osx coding for ios device, totally get it.)

I have windows on my computers however, and only mobile ios devices. Can you put what you create with this app onto the appstore using your ios development account? I’m not sure if I’m even asking the right question, or I could sound completely stupid. Either way, this app looks really cool.

Thanks in advance for any information!

I believe you need a mac and there’s no alternative. (I’d love to find an alternative)

I don’t have one either and can’t afford one so can never put a game on there :frowning:

@Byarsulik Do a search on this forum. That question has been ask several times with plenty of answers. On the right side of the screen above “Start a New Discussion” is the search area for the forum. Your first post, so welcome aboard.

@Byarsulik I would give Codea a try, and if you feel the app you’ve made is worthy enough to publish it, then get the Mac, or use a service like

No matter what, you’ll need a Mac eventually to publish it. So even if you use a Windows environment to develop it, you’ll need a Mac eventually. Welcome!

Codea is very addicting… Why not try it :slight_smile:

You know, I’d love to suggest something but I’m not sure its even possible.

If Codea or one of the resident codea experts on here would publish games for people (we of course pay the dev licence cost and maybe a little extra for the person doing it) I think a lot of people like myself who simply cannot afford to buy a mac just to put a game on the app store would really like something like this.

@Tyson - That’s against the Apple review guidlines. It’s been discussed before.

@Zoyt There are a few ways around the system, though. Like becoming partners with the person, putting in your development team, etc.

@Tyson As Zoyt said, if Codea wasn’t affected by this (it would be if it was found out this happened) then it wouldn’t matter as such, depending on how liberal you are. But it is and will so it would most likely get taken down if not given a warning first (I’ve never experienced this as I’m just about to release my first application) but I imagine it’s almost like a health and safety inspector coming to your business!

@Zoyt & @Luatee I’m very sorry, I really didn’t know.

@Tyson no apologies needed, I wouldn’t say its a bad thing to do that. It’s just against apples policy, but so is ‘sharing’ apps.

We’ve had some prolonged discussions on how you might make this work in a way that would satisfy Apple. It’s likely a cooperative structure with a central publisher would be acceptable, but once you move beyond free apps, setting up such an organization becomes a pain.

@Tyson - Sorry if I sounded rude (I did). I was in a bit of a rush to answer. :slight_smile: Like Luatee said, no need to apologize. About the single publisher, I agree that it wouldn’t be hard to sneak by Apple, and I don’t think they really care that much.