Anyone tried Codea with iOS 9 yet?

What the title says

First tests all work fine.

Good so far

I’m on the 9.1 beta. Codea continues to perk along.

iOS 9.1 and I say more @Mark! Codea doesn´t have the glitch problem when portrait mode!

The copy-cut-paste bit on the keyboard is annoying, especially as it means that Codea no longer does the pop-up with the extra options (such as look-up). Also, when you select a line then the copy-cut-paste bit doesn’t work propery.

Yeah, I’ve struggled with that. Sometimes it seems to work as before. i.e. you select some text, tap it, and get extra options like reindent etc. But if you start pressing the new copy paste buttons on the extra toolbar, then tapping the selection no longer seems to bring up a context menu.

Ok, now I can’t get the extra buttons at all. I don’t know how I got them to pop up a moment ago.

i wanna try split view

Tbh I wish I had waited for Codea to be updated for iOS 9 before upgrading, there are quite a few annoying interface quirks (entirely my fault, being in a rush to upgrade). If you switch from portrait to landscape orientation with the keyboard open in the code editor, I get an extra blank area appearing above the keyboard, so that the visible coding area becomes quite small. Here’s an image showing the extra blank area:


Playing around with other apps on iOS 9, I don’t think that the new copy/ paste buttons in the tool bar are intended to replace the popover copy/paste button row, as elsewhere in iOS 9 you can use both/ either interchangeably.

Should I add a ticket to the issue tracker?

I’m not getting the blank space above the keyboard. The only difference I can see is that I don’t have light on dark text, but I doubt that makes a difference.

Closing and opening the keyboard again fixes it.

Just updated to iOS 9 using iTunes. What a mistake. It took about 3 hours from the time I started until I was able to use the iPad again. I had to update iTunes to the latest version. That took 2 tries (downloading a 171 MB file both times) because the first try gave me an error that said try again. Once that was done I did an iPad backup, then selected update to get iOS 9. That did a software backup first then started to download iOS 9. That was 1.83 GB in size and took over an hour. After that finished, I selected update. That ran for awhile updating the iPad before I got an error that said make sure everything is up to date. The iPad was now a paperweight because the only thing it would do is show me a picture that it wanted to be plugged into iTunes. Since I just updated iTunes, I checked my PC and that had 17 updates that were ready to run. I ran those updates and tried the iPad update again. That finally worked, but when the iPad started up, it was asking questions like it was a new iPad. At that point I thought everything was gone and I would have to reload everything. Finally after the questions, it showed the app screen and everything was there. I think the next update I’ll just do an iPad backup with iTunes and do the update thru the iPad.

=)) (sorry, I do sympathise). My experience wasn’t quite that bad.

Maybe you should update your PC software more often!

@Ignatz Everytime I use my PC it seems that it needs to do an update when I shut it down. It downloads the updates while I’m using it then does the update at shutdown. I guess I should have let it sit there for awhile to load the updates, did a shutdown to do the updates, started it up again and then tried the iPad update. All of my other iPad updates were thru the iPad with no problems. Even the hugh iOS 8 update I did thru the iPad went OK. I didn’t think doing it with iTunes would be a problem. Seeing the 1.83 GB file size should have been a warning. The file size going thru the iPad would have been only 1.1 GB.

One thing I noticed is when I start Codea, I get a black screen for several seconds before I see the project screen. I don’t remember seeing that with iOS 8.

I don’t get that…

I agree that software updates are a real pain these days, also that Apple software sucks, especially iTunes.

(Anyway, I’d better stop taking this thread any further off track).

@Ignatz It only happens when Codea isn’t running at all and I start it. I don’t recall that happening in iOS 8 unless the background screen came up first and then the projects showed a little later.

Don’t get the black screen.

Search seems to generate the blank space above the keyboard, which grows with each use. But shutting the keyboard for a moment makes it go away.

With the new hardware and iOS 9, Apple is introducing a whole slew of new ways to interact with iDevices:

  • “3D Touch”. iPhone 6S only. I’ve not seen a 6S yet, but I think it’s similar to the haptic touch on the new Macbook (which is spookily good. It really feels like a physical button even though it doesn’t move at all)

  • Pencil. iPad Pro only.

  • Gesture controller. AppleTV only.

  • iOS 9 keyboard trackpad. iPad only ( or iPhone 6 as well?) This is very cool, and the only one of the 5 that most of us can play with without needing new hardware. Put 2 fingers on the keyboard to move the cursor around. It works reasonably well in the Codea editor (though it’d be nice to have the cursor overlay that full implementations of this have), but I’d love to see support for this within Codea’s touched API, would be very handy for things like Soda.

  • Not new, but Apple seems to be ramping up support for the gamepad controllers (all iDevices, Macs too?). These have been around for a year or two, but are now starting to appear at reasonable prices.

At the moment it all looks a bit fragmented. I wonder whether it will begin to get a bit more unified next year. Will the next iPad Air support Pencil or 3d Touch, or will these remain exclusive to the iPhone 6/iPad Pro?

Of course everyone uses Codea for different things, and it’s difficult to tell at this stage which of these input methods will become mainstream and which will remain niche. I imagine TLL probably have enough on their plates without being bombarded with feature requests. But, with that caveat aside, which of these do you see yourself wanting to explore in Codea?