Any great “follow along” guides? (Not copy and paste guides)

I had to stop following the one I was trying to follow along with, it was done back in 2013, some code missing, or links to Dropbox code not working. Just too much interference. Also, it focuses heavy on “copy & paste” this code. I am feeling empty by doing that, I am not obtaining anything from that. Nothing to reflect on, review in my mind later on.

I need a true follow along, where they are putting out the code, by the block, and I get to read or see why that is being done, how it affects the overall game or app the code is involved with.

Currently, I don’t know enough to know how to piece together certain things - because I just don’t know… I’m still learning the basics, classes, strings and variables.

Can anybody can help guide me to some “current” follow along guides?

I wish Codea had within the app itself. An Interactive coding guide of some sort, in the craft or example sections.

This thread contains links to some from a few years back

Thank you!