Any chance of a progress update on the next version...?

Hey guys - this is really intended for @Simeon and or @John. Like everyone else on the board I’m really excited to see whats coming next for Codea / CodeaCraft and I’m waiting with baited breath :slight_smile:

However I just noticed that it’s been almost a month since the last “official” update on CodeaCraft progress and just over a year since the last Codea build was submitted to Apple, I was just wondering if there’s any chance one of team could drop a quick note explaining the current state and when a new build is possibly likely?

As a dev I understand about being pushed for deadlines (and this isn’t that) - just curious :slight_smile:


Seconded :wink:

you can get some idea of recent developments here:

Now that’s just teasing us even more :slight_smile:

@TechDojo Progress is still happening, although sometimes it’s not huge visible changes (or new features) but backend improvements, optimisation and API design.

Right now I’m trying to make the API consistent, clean, powerful and simple. The official thread is where I will post most of the progress updates, however I feel as though the thread is getting hijacked by some forum users to make requests and suggestions that do not relate to the update. I’d rather keep that thread on topic without coming down harsh on some users.

@John - thanks for the update. I know there’s a lot of plumbing that goes on behind the scenes before the magic can appear on screen (sorry if it comes across as pestering - there’s a lot of hobbyists chomping at the bit to get the next update).

Please continue to ignore us all as much as possible and we’ll just have to remain patient.

@Ignatz - any chance you can close this thread so it doesn’t get hijacked by anyone else? (me included :))


@TokOut - you don’t get the message, do you?

John is asking to be left alone so he can finish his update, and you hit him with a whole lot more suggestions.

Please stop now.

@TokOut At this point you have deliberately ignored what I’ve said (following me to a different thread) and made even more requests, many of which simply don’t make sense. I think you are doing this for attention and maybe even trolling. This is your first warning.

EDIT: I’ve deleted your message and will continue to delete off-topic posts like these.