Any Chance of a Codea Web Player?

I was just checking out some friends submitions to Ludum Dare. I got me thinking of how cool it would be if Codea apps could be played via the web. Is this even possible? I realize that it’s not the focus and intent of codea but I could see it bringing on new users and it would be fun :slight_smile: So, has the idea even been kicked around?

Thanks Zoyt. I would really like to try and port the love player but I’m afraid it’s a little beyond my abilities. I’ve never tried to port anything. Any tips?

@Briarfox - It’s not really porting, I just didn’t know what to call it. It’s basically changing the function names to match Codea’s. Then there might be a few compatibility issues. I’ll look at the project again this summer.

I was going to alter the Löve WebPlayer (, but I don’t have time for that anymore. It has almost all the features of Codea and a similar API. If you have time, you could alter it. JS is very similar to Lua.
@tnlogy has created a Moai port of the Codea language, so you could try using a NaCl (native client, with Chrome) with that.
Let me know what you do.
Good luck!

I made a short test of using lua in the web browser. I guess what’s needed is a lot of free time to implement the entire API. :slight_smile: