Animation - 1st example that comes with codea

I have been running the code with print statements to follow how the code runs. I understand the has a callback to setTest based on the slider and this sets currentTest based on index to run one of the classes under the other 4 tabs. But how does the Test tab class get called. I noticed there is a test:cleanup in test is there a link to the currentTest:cleanup. I have tried to find some documentation on the structure being used for this example.

@pittsfieldkenl I’m not sure if this is the answer you’re after, but the parameter.integer(“test number” starts with the default value of 1. So when the program starts, textnumber 1 is already set.

Dave thanks for your response. I had figured that out but I didn’t figure out where the test class was called. But since this post I noticed the Basic, Loop Sequence, and Path classes are declared with the Test class in their parameter list. Need to read a bit more on the way classes are used. Balson Dermot sent me a link to some of his posting in cool codea on classes…gotta read some more. Thanks