Hello users,
I am angry that my Discussion " MY GAME WONT WORK" was closed, I want to know why it was closed.

And I want to know who closed it.

@Noobatcoding - I closed it because @TheRogueBatcher was posting nonsense in the thread and annoying other users.

I figured you were done with the topic because you said you were happy with the responses to your question and would try them, and you had not posted in the thread for five days.

So closing it wasn’t aimed at you, and you are welcome to start a new thread for your project if you need further help.

@Ignatz agreed,
The Discussion was starting to become off topic mainly due to @TheRogueBatcher telling us to fix the capital letters and complaining.

Then ban @TheRougeBatcher. He’s a ****** who just spams on people’s discussions and he got my discussion closed! >:(

@Noobatcoding - your discussion was pretty much closed anyway.

(Please watch your language)

@Noobatcoding Please don’t get angry, while it might of not been best for him to do that, not everyone is perfect.

@Noobatcoding, banning is a little harsh. He hasn’t done any harm since, as far as I can remember.

Side note, if you don’t want him to do it again (and also because it’s annoying), perhaps stop using capital letters?

@Noobatcoding What was so special about your discussion that you can’t start another one. @Ignatz answered your questions and I totally agree with what he did. Spammers can’t be controlled 100% of the time. If closing a discussion is one way of doing it, then thats fine. It’s not like that discussion was erased from the forum. It’s just drifting down the forum list like every other discussion. It can still be referenced just like the others, it just can’t be brought back to the top by adding a comment to it. As far as I’m concerned, this discussion can be closed also.

The point is it was closed without my consent. I didn’t approve of its closure! And @TheRogueBatcher is a troll, a spammer, and he must be the only spammer who hasn’t been banned. "I wasn’t complaining. I was stating the factual. My point is that we should all grow some nostrils and ears and then go on top of a skyscraper, jump off hit the ground and pass THROUGH it. Then we go THROUGH the centre of the earth and play badminton with the mole men . Yes… That will solve all of our problems… " cause that’s legit on this forum!

And I’m closing this one. You got your explanation. Nothing constructive will come of this. Please get back to coding talk!