Alert! In iOS8.0.2 strange thing happened, some of the keyboard layout mismatched in Codea

Hi, guys.

Yesterday, I updated my iPad 2 from 7.1.2 to 8.0.2. All are normal .

Today, just now,in Codea I have found that the layouts of some expand keys appears on the wrong locations , for example: () “” += =

I think the reason maybe — iOS8 support the custom keyboard.

same thing here… annoying… restart doesnt help

Simeon has promised a fix for this in the next update. I gather it is in fact caused by the new keyboard stuff.

It’s due to changes in the way iOS 8 handles orientation. Strangely they don’t preserve the old behaviour for apps linked against the iOS 7 SDK. This has been fixed and will be submitted quite soon.

Your discussion title got me excited about a new iOS 8 version, 8.0.3. Then I opened the discussion, and realized it must have been a typo. :frowning:

@Simeon waiting for the update…

@Saturn031000 sorry for my mistake, I checked again, the version is 8.0.2

@se24vad I restarted the iPad for times… No effect.

@RonJeffries I think maybe apple will provide a new patch for iOS 8.0.2 to solve this problem.