Aircode and Terminal editors (nano, emacs, vi, others)?

Hello, I have not had much success coding Codea projects with Chrome, Safari or Firefox, in that my code is getting washed away when I click ‘refresh’ or ‘back’ on my browser. I do like coding on my iMac if not only because of the great Apple keyboard. I would like to know if it is somehow possible to code in a Terminal window. We write code all day in Terminal at the office - ‘nano’ is my favorite editor, and others are religious about the other editors I mentioned in the Discussion Title. Has this been discussed? Is it possible? Allowed? I think it would be great but if I am in the minority of those who would like this ‘feature’ then please let me know and I will move on…

Thank you.

It has not been discussed in terms of AirCode. Other people have created things similar to AirCode, just not as good, that do the same thing and you can use your own IDE. If you go digging around Codea with iExplorer, I’m sure you’ll find something that you can use.
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Here is an old project I did, haven’t used it for a while though, so it is probably quite buggy, but can be used as a start if you want to write something.

@pgyore If there are any parsing errors on the tab, it will not save properly if you move away from it. There are two choices here:
1/Fix all the errors.
2/Turn the whole tab into a comment with --[[ ]]-- and then go directly into Codea and uncomment, and fix any errors.
Of course, choice #3 is always roll your own.

I just tried with the “It’s all text” Firefox extension but it didn’t work. Maybe there’s some configuration that could make it work.

You can use my project with dropbox synch :