AirCode and screen Oriantation [Ipad 1]

It there a way to ensure fair to support orientation in air code.

I’ve mentioned that before, and didn’t get a reply. The reason that this happens is because you can only call supported orientation right when you start a script, and the code is loaded from another script, I suspect.

but the video here show landscape usage …

AirCode will not lock the app to any orientation, unless you have your system’s orientation lock on, so to make your app run in landscape mode, just make sure that your orientation lock is off and rotate your device sideways.

Biz… Only portrait work on my iPad 1

am the only one with this problem ? on Ipad 1

I have the same problem - I also have a 1st Gen iPad.

I suspect this might be an iOS 5 issue, I should be able to fix it next update.