Air Code

I have to admit, the Air Code feature of Codea is insanely awesome. Kudo’s to you guys for really making it easy for those who want to code on the go or at their desktop (regardless of desktop OS).

I do have a suggestion though, it would be nice to add new classes/files to the project from the browser. I’m just starting a new project and each time I want to add a new class, I have to close the Air Code session, open the project, create the class, close the project and re-connect via Air Code. It is a bit of a hassle. Not the end of the world but I thought I would make the suggestion :slight_smile:

Keep up the awesome work!

You don’t really need to do that to make a class, but you’ll have to do that to make a new tab. What you could do is write all the the classes and then close air code and then make many tabs and paste the code out there. But yeah it won’t look neat having the functionality to make a new tab will make a difference.

Air Code is a great feature. I do 90% of my coding there. But I ran into some inconviniences when the project gets a little bigger.
I didn’t find our how to scroll through the tabs. If I have more than 12 tabs in a project, Air Code does show the first 12 and I didn’t find a way to scroll. So I have to oursource some code to a library-project. If there would be a possibility to scroll the tabs, that would help a lot.
The next would be a possibility to move tabs between projects. I programmed an app with a MVC pattern. So I put models and views into different projects, once they are stabil. All tabs I am actively developing are in a main project. When a code segment is stabil it would be nice to be able to move it to another project. Now I need to copy the source by hand. Sure this is a luxury feature, but it would be nice to have anyway.

Welcome to the Forums! Just thought I should let you know, Many people here do not like old discussions being bumped to the top of the discussions. Please check the date before posting. Again, welcome!

@CodeaNoob, id say this is ok. This helps all air codes discussions stay in one place rather than have multiple

@bgreiff, I believe you use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll project tabs. Let me know if that helps or not!

Simeon said that he might go back to AirCode and add some features, but who knows when that’ll be. Again, please don’t bump discussions.
Thank you!

Could someone give a rule of thumb on what an “old” thread is? I wouldn’t think September of last year is that old, barely in the ground, no where close to being a Zombie thread brought to life from over a year ago… I dislike zombie threads as they are usually full of old and no longer valid information, which is the criteria I try to use before choosing between creation and resurrection.

Also, kudos to the masses for actually searching the forum before asking. :smiley:

Hmmm… I do agree with @syntonica here. Surely if it adds additional info or insight to an old thread isn’t this better to resurrect it, rather than create a new one and have multiple threads about the same thing? I never really understood the logic of why ‘bumping’ is necessarily bad. :-/

Maybe some clarification is needed on on general ‘bumping’ etiquette perhaps. :wink:

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is there a way to get air code to use a light colour background?
thats the only thing thats stopping me using it a lot more.

@Tyson No light background for AirCode yet.

+1 I would like to see this added.

Id say bumping new discussions becomes a bad thing when you go into an old discussion, and rather than contributing to the topic, say something like ‘wheres the code?’ ← This seems to be what was happening that caused the sudden shift towards bumping being considered wrong.

With that in mind, I feel that bgreiff did not do anything wrong. I would rather have this discussion resurface than someone open up a new discussion for the same topic. Also, were he to have started a new discussion, I think it is likely that someone would have come along and said ‘you should have searched before posting. A discussion already exists.’ Seems to be no right way to do it.

Since AirCode is using Ace (I think), you could easily create a plugin for Safari or Chrome or whatever you use to implement the new colors for your theme.

It would be nice if Air Code had a defined API, then I could write a plugin to Sublime Text and edit the code there for example.

@bgreiff, I had the same issue once before.

To switch between tabs which are not visible, if you’re on a PC, press shift and the scroll using the mouse.

Hi Guys,

If you are an Air user you may find my suggestion for debugging code of interest. I put it in the ‘next version’ thread yesterday. Basically it involves a browser debugging window that is used by Love2D, the package is called Lovebird. I’m sure the same facility could be added to Air Code for Codea.



@Bri_G - Isn’t it funny that you bumped up a relatively old thread when this thread has many comments about the same?

Hi @Saturn031000,

Not really, I’ve been out of the circuit for a while (should have been called Tangent Man). Came back and thought I’d just post something I found very interesting. Put it in as a suggestion then noticed this thread had Air Code interest in it. It’s a pain having to re-read all the post accumulated over the last 6 to 8 months and I seriously haven’t time to do it. Not when there are similarly motivated people around to point it out to me. It is funny that you bumped it up again and I have bumped it a third time - waste of time and resources really. I don’t personally find bumping an issue - do you suggest I should have started a new thread?

Seriously, I take your point and will endeavour to avoid bumping again.




First off apologies for the bump (yet again - wasn’t aware of the ettiquete until I read this :slight_smile: ) however as a returning devotee to Codea, I’m making use of both Aircode (when at my desk) and my Bluetooth keyboard (when away) to really rack up my productivity.

The problem is I think I’ve found an issue with Aircode that I wanted to raise.
Being able to cut and paste from other code on my laptop is a great way to port over code to Codea but whilst working on my framework, I’ve started to notice problems - especially with large files. I’ve got a couple that are over 700 - 1000 lines each and even though I make a point of running the code (Ctrl+R) to refresh the tabs on my iPad, when I come back to the code on my iPad I’m finding older versions with edits missing.

I can split my files up, but it’s a pain swapping between tabs (especially when Aircode doesn’t allow me to create new ones) - are there any guidelines as to max lines in a single tab before anyone else falls foul of this?