Air code

Because they do not see anything in my browser? I m using the air code

Please …

Help please

What browser are you using? Make sure you’re not using IE 8 or below. Are you on the same network (WiFi only) as your iPad? Are you putting the “:42000” suffix on the URL?
Hope that helps.

I am having the same issue on my mac. The editor won’t show. This is happening on the latest Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

This I think is not the reason, but, I saw one thing in the small source code I get on my browser. The HTML has no charset specified, so this will complicate some languages I think? Shouldn’t it use something like:

Thanks, I am looking forward to use this awesome attribute as AirCode sounds!

@iBob - That shouldn’t matter. In Chrome, you can edit the HTML. Start fooling around with it and see what you get.

Yeah, but the problem is that it is not serving the complete HTML.
I also tested on IE10 on a PC.

I checked the source code, and there’s a piece of CSS, and then on the body tag, there’s just 1 empty div:

So, I think some javascript is not coming out…

OMG!!! I found why. I had no project, deleted everything when Installed iOS 7 on my iPad! After load some projects, they appeared on my browser and now I am able to edit… Sorry!!! It works good now! :slight_smile:
Btw, for fools like me, it could be a good Idea to show “No projects found” or any other message when there is no projects, instead of an empty white page :slight_smile:

Adding onto what @iBob is saying, I think it’d be nice to be able to create new projects (and classes) from withing AirCode

Thanks zoyt