So while doing my old boring stuff that I do each day, I came upon a interesting question;
Is there a “easy” way to implement ads into your Codea app?
I was planning on making a small and simple game and release it for free, but I do not want to trow my money into a fire, I want to earn some. And if I am not incorrect you can earn some good money by displaying some advertisment in your app.

So is there a way to simply implement a ads system? Like use google ads or something similar?
I do not want to dig into the heart of the apps actual core (C# or whatever it is) just to get ads working, but I do concider it an option.

So guys, is it possible?

Has to be done in XCode
From my understanding

@Reefwing has made a tutorial about integrating Ads into the runtime here: — but 1.5.2 has since changed this to use an add-on based system from the exported Xcode project. @Reefwing also has a tutorial on how to integrate GameCenter using CodeaAddons (the new system) here:

You could combine information from the two to integrate iAds using the new system.

Thanks @Simeon - there is also a tute showing you how to do iAds with the new add on system:

But how do I get 1.5.*?

@akaJag You should have it, just check the App Store to make sure your copy of Codea is up-to-date.

@Reefwing sorry I missed that tutorial — that’s much more fitting. @akaJag you should use that instead.

No problem @Simeon - BTW: the new “air code” stuff looks great.

@Simeon Huh is there a way to check what version you are using? 'Cause it dosen’t tell me to update. Must be the latest then I guess…

@Reefwing @Simeon Thanks for the help btw! I can chat back here if I get it to work!

Shit dogg I don’t got a mac, damn… Having a mac is casual in app making, shoot!
But otherwise is it possible to embed ads in the codea app viewer? Like so that it works with the tester?

I imagine this requires hacking into the codea app, or if codea got like a plugin support thingy, both I think is highly unlikely to happen.
(Sorry for my english on this one, I am a bit tired; if I made any major failures that is, wich I got a feeling thhat I did)

@akaJag it’s not possible to run native plugins in the Codea app. iOS does not allow for dynamic linking, so no new code can be added to the

Well, there goes my dream, I guess I will be saving up for a new computer :smiley: