Adding iAd framework? (Xcode)

I was working on adding Xcode to a project, a task that I have been putting off for a while, and was recommended the blog post at

I know this is probably really simple, but how do I add a framework as seen below?

"Fire up Xcode and load the runtime version of your Codea application. Click on the CodeaTemplate file at the top of the project navigator then in the summary tab, scroll down to the linked libraries area. Click on the “+” button below your existing frameworks to add a new framework. Find iAds and click on “Add”.

With your project open in Xcode, click on the top most icon on the left hand pane, which should be blue and have the name of your project next to it. In the main window, there is a horizontal menu bar. If you have another blue icon there with your project name, click the up/down icon next to it and change the target to the A-style (application) icon. You should then see a different menu bar on this window, select the General option, then scroll down to Linked Libraries and Frameworks to add iAds.