Adding Code to the Forums?

Hello, I’m not very experienced with these forums, and I see everyone sharing code with that blue box with their code on it. Is there any way to add code when I am making a new discussion? I don’t know how to properly add it…Thanks in advance! Sorry if I caused any disturbance btw!

@Perscirious this awsome program by Juce will create a gist for you right from codea, when your project is in the pasteboard. Try it, it is really simple.

Just use three ~ to open a code posting window and three ~ to close

Ok, thank you!

It says my code is too long, how else could I add it? I’ve seen other people provide links to websites with their code on it, how would I do that?

@Perscirious You can post long code by splitting it into smaller separate sections.

You can upload your code to websites like or and paste the link

Thanks @dave1707 and @Doge