A lovely little template to play with

Here’s a little template you can play with! I know of only one bug right now (changing the spread on the flashlight to a value greater than or equal to 92 or less than or equal to 81 sometimes creates an issue with the dark area’s mesh creation (I have no clue what the issue is caused by, or I’d fix it)). Feel free to use this template, improve it, make it your own, and most importantly, give me feedback :). I plan to update this over time, so, if you like it, stay tuned!


EDIT: I guess I should explain the controls:
There is a dual (on-screen) joystick control: left (left half of the screen) stick is for movement and [when you aren’t using the right joystick] the angle. The right (right half of the screen) stick controls the angle (this angle overrides the angle from the left joystick). The open squares at the top and bottom/left and right of the walls of the room act as doors to the next room. The overlay has the controls for turning on flashlight mode, as well as for smoothing the edges of the “light beam” when the flashlight is on.

there is a nice potential. Continue to work on it!

Thank you very much :smiley:
My next Major addition idea is to set the option to draw sprites to the tiles instead of the current black and white boxes, to add a lock-in function that locks a room until an event triggers the unlock, basic per-room artificial intelligence, some fun little optional effects, a lot more pre-made rooms and maps, and much more ^-^
After all that I plan to simplify the code a whole truckload, comment it all, and give it to the community as a tool for beginners to learn with ^-^