A entire project made by the community

Hi guys, this has been in my head awhile and I want to know if you want to help in it.

Basically, I’m setting up a project that we can all work on (Kind of like a software team at a technology company) People whom are new to Codea can also join, but if they do not help out, and make everyone else do the work, no credit will be given. If the project succeeds, then we will put it on Codea Community and one if the members of it can put it on the appstore, if they list the names of the others who’ve helped, of course.

I’m in, but also jealous my projects like this never took off, but sounds like a fun oppurtunity.
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@CodeaNoob Great, Thanks!

@Prynok, Do you have an Idea for a project in mind? Or will that be open for disscusion when we achieve enough people?

@Prynok, ofcourse I’m in! :wink:

I’ll help. Sounds fun.

+1 @CodeaNoob, though, what would the app be?

I dont have any Idea in mind

I didn’t want to pick an app idea, since I wanted to see what others thought it should be :slight_smile:

How about a game? 3D?

I had just started working on one a few days ago, and hardly made any progress. I got basic maps and a world working.

@SkyTheCoder Sounds good, I was thinking of making somthing like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjRw_JbMClc , Though, it would be hard to get he noobs into it.

@Prynok You could probably do that in Codea, but I’m not sure how you’d export it or use it in any way.

At first, I thought it was a 3D modeler, which is funny, because I was thinking of making one, much better than Codeler, called Sky Designer, which I would release on the App Store… I was going to wait until I released SkyUI, though.

(If anyone is interested, I would like to include tons of fancy shaders, easy-to-use textures (generatable from noise, random, etc. too) and lots of other cool stuff to easily make stunning, realistic 3D models and images, and possibly movies, if I could figure out how to write them.)

I had started a project to create spritesheets and animations. I haven’t had the time to finish it but this would be a huge help to the community.

The users would drag and drop images onto the sprite sheet and the location data is stored on the sheet itself. You could then select images for animations and the animations would be stored in the sheet as well. Write a class to load the spritesheet and it’s data. One image download for a project and all the assets would be there.

This could be a community project, there would need to be ui, image creation, export, save and a plugin to use the images in a project.

Just an idea. Create a .codeaimg file :slight_smile:

@Brairfox That is a great idea!

@Briarfox You could use Cider for the UI… Or maybe I could release a very early alpha of SkyUI.

And I kind of know how to make an image export, possibly .codeaimg too.

Basically you’d need to track where the user places the images on the spritesheet. Have an area of the spritesheet blocked off, 50pxX50xp. I just stored a string the returned a table into the pixles. You’d read the pixel value and convert to the alpha numeric charcter and use loadstring()

Well, drag ‘n’ drop buttons are already done… (And with icons)

I’m in. Also @SkyTheCoder, id love to see this SkyUI you keep dropping hints about :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not assign tasks to people to complete in, say, a week. A task thats based on their skill level

@Ignatz @Prynok I was thinking of making a very simple Java application to allow multiple users speak in a live chat and edit a document in real-time. It would be very buggy but I think it could work… Once I get a website, I can attempt to make it. I might fail… Well, probably, but I could keep on trying.

Here is a idea, what if we make the best math solver ever? Not just subtraction, multiplication, division, adding, square roots, etc. But real-world algrebraic expressions, trigonometry, and calculus. It might seem complicated and near impossible, but we could let spread out the team in what they are most comfortable in, you like and are good at calculus? Try that one out, not confident in those higher level mathematics? Try polishing one of the easier ones, the sky is is the limit.