A copy of Ignatz tutorial

I recently have read a kind of “interactive” online book about python. It had all sorts of stuff like tests at the end of a chapter and that kinda thing, so I though I might try to make something similar of Ignatz “Codea for beginners” ebook I did the first chapter and this is what I got https://kotobee.com/library/shared#/library This would obviously be changed a lot to make it look better, but what do you all think about this rough draft?
And of course all credit goes to @Ignatz
Also on a side note, I made this on a desktop. I don’t know how it might look on an iPad.

Hi! I like your idea a lot. Your draft makes fun. It’s a bit “different” but could be very useful. Keep going!

*sorry, I meant: it’s funny, instead of “makes fun” (english is not my mother tongue).

Keep going maybe it will learn me how to make better performance
(Im the worst at upgrading the performance in my projects)