A basic L-system Fractal Generator

Hi All,

Been quiet for a while as I have been trying to produce a basic L-system for Fractals generation. Now have the basic model
which I have placed in my github archive (link below).


Started looking into this after @KatamariManatee posted his code for the random number generation of the Sierpinski curve:


I’ve placed some example conditions at the end of the code. I will improve it - but slowly.

Please note, if you use your own rules and axioms then you may have to use offX and offY to offset the code centre, which I set as mid screen. Finally, build the loops up slowly for your own models - the time for loops increase exponentially (depending on the model of course).

Have fun, and feed back any improvements, examples and comments.



It shows this forum is not really working. I posted a more advanced version back in February:


The forum works, but is quite messy. #:-s I think, there should be a “human-hierarchical-classifier” for the themes of this forum and a better interface with the users. ~O)

Hi @Herwig,

Hadn’t seen your post up until now. Looks like you’ve built what I intended to. I’haven’t downloaded yours yet, but I’ll feed back on it when I have.

On the forum front I raised this as an issue about a month ago. I prefer forums which are content driven - that is they naturally divide into logical sections and are grown and managed by champions and regular users. That way it’s easy to find posts and threads of interest.

The other feature that I keep mentioning is thread content in latest to oldest date order, so you can see the latest posts in the thread first.

I won’t get on the band wagon again. So thanks for letting me know about your L- system app.



Hi @Herwig,

Very neat and impressive. I like to see the iterations shown between start and finish. I also like the colour shading. You’ve definitely covered most of what I was planning to do. Haven’t quite worked out how you add new examples yet but I’d like to try out a few.

Thought I might add this to the contributed code, with a few model definitions and pics. Do you mind if I use your system for now?



Sure, go ahead!