3d texture mesh

When you create a 3d shape can you have each side show a different texture or picture



I’m not sure if you can, if what you mean is can you have a different texture on either side of a simple mesh, eg a flat square, then the standard system won’t do it.

You could probably do something with a custom shader and 2 textures attached to the mesh, but this would be a fair amount of work.

Have a look here.


@spacemonkey is right - depends what you mean by shape and picture. If you want a cube with 6 different images then you can use portions of texture to do this

You simply use two shapes back to back

2 shapes back to back may not be 100% predictable if you place them too close together as you can get z fighting where one shows through the other, they need some amount of coordinate offset so there would be a small gap between them.

I agree, but I get away with about 1/2 pixel difference