3D text demo

I think someone was asking recently about creating 3D text. Here is an example.


I’ve written it up here


I’ve fiddled with 3D text in the past, and I found I could make a pretty cool 3D effect based on the radial blur shader built-in to Codea:

3D Text

I could PM you the code, if you want. (I’m thinking of using it for business reasons)

Edit: One question, how did you make it so that if you look at the text from the side, you can’t see it’s just a bunch of thin layers?

Edit 2: Oh, you don’t, you just make the camera move away before you get to that point…

Neat effect +1 from me :slight_smile:

I updated my 3D text code, so it looks good from any angle, and is in an easy to use class



Neat - I had a play, with the first version and I discovered that if you fill the buffer first with a background colour with a small alpha value then they stack up and give an interesting block effect as the text rotates.