3D modeler example


Maybe someone have suggested this before but It would be a lot more easier to have an example where you could make 3d models instead of coding textures, positions, colors, and so on… I saw a discussion where someone asked if codea could import .obj and other files from pc to ipad library to create 3D models instead of as I said before coding them. But if you would like to create them on your ipad, a modeling tool as an example would be great.

PS. If you would like to know it, I have not began with 3D yet, but I will!

Hi @MMGames - we chatted about this a few days ago on here:


I agree that tool for creating ‘simple’ models that exports directly to Codea (via something like the Sprite picker) would be great.

Ironically, for all the cool 2D apps on the iPad, there aren’t that many good 3D ones. The best IMHO (out of a bad bunch!) is Autodesks 123Design for simple geometric modelling and 123 Creature for character modelling - although both are really geared for beginners. I think there are some options for exporting models, although I havn’t tried this.

However, a nice Codea-specific 123Design-esque tool would be really useful. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, i opened app store and searched for it and well… it looks good. If I try it then I really hope that i can use them in Codea!

Well, as I mentioned (and disclaimered!) I dont know what export capabilities these tools have. I’d check before purchase. You then have the task of getting the model into Codea - there are a few importers the guys have developed on here that can import .obj and .ply models.

Check this out:


Its also worth remembering that expressing meshes as vec3 and vec2 data within Codea can be pretty verbose (and inefficient!). Even a few hundred polys (once you’ve considered vertices and tex-coords) can stretch to many hundreds of lines of Lua.

@Jmv38 wrote a cool importer that gets around this, by saving 3D models as image data which appears to be a more efficient method…


Hope this helps :wink:

Thanks! Besides, 123Designer is free in the swedish store, problem is I have no wifi so I cant download it, try it and then say how it worked. And yeah, I am rather using the existing 3D modeler/tools when I am ready to look into 3D!