3D meshes HELP PLZ!

I’m thinking of creating an RC simulator. I know you may think this is too big for me, but ive gotten to work on 3D perspectives, I just need some meshes with physics to go along. 3D Meshes I will need:
Please respond as soon as you have your stuff ready!

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There are no 3D physics in Codea, and most of the models you ask for are very simple. Triangles are 3 vertices (all meshes are made up of triangles, sets of 3 vertices), cylinders can be generated (some have been posted on the forums), cones - same as cylinders, rects - 2 triangles put together, or mesh.addRect(). And hills, they can be generated too. I have made many, and many have been posted on the forums. Just recently, spacemonkey posted his hills.

However, did you know that usually fancy 3D models can actually cost money? So maybe next time you demand that we make you 3D models you could ask (instead of demand) or throw in a please. Or if you’re going to search the forums first (that’s a good idea), give credit to who made your code/model.

@Ignatz +1 I literally cried when I read that

But more seriously, I agree with @SkyTheCoder, that wasn’t very polite a way to ask, and I don’t think you truly realize both the scope of what you’re asking or the scope of what you intend to do with it. 3D is very, very, (VERY) difficult, and I suggest rather than jumping right to it, take the advice @dave1707 and @Ignatz gave me: break it into smaller chunks and build from there. Get all your classes (speaking of, do you know how to properly construct classes now?) working independently, then worry about putting it all together.

Okay, I’ve gotten a start on the menu. I’ll search Codea Fourms for the meshes! Thx u guys!

I would also search the net.

If you haven’t done 3D before, then I suggest you forget about all the fancy shapes and about making anything at all for a while, and start from the beginning, because 3D is HARD.

@Ignatz +2 (one for each comment)
I’d suggest starting with something simple like Tetris or a calculator.

1, Terris is just under impossible for me because I’m terrible with redrawing quuardnets very many times and I can’t make it really where blocks can land on top of eachother. 2, I horrible with making it where you can input numbers.

@code_maker - If you can’t do that, I highly suggest you don’t touch 3D yet. Try something very simple like Flappy Bird, then.

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