3D Mesh Lab

A visual tool to make 3d meshes in a 3d space!


More features and a better UI coming soon!



@Jaybob Nice job. Can’t wait for the code.

Brilliant! Code,code,code…

@Jaybob Loaded the above code and was playing with it. Looks very interesting.

Wow @Jaybob that looks like the start of something really cool. It reminds me a bit of the original BBC Bamzooki app where you had to create creatures and put them through their paces in a series of physics based challenges.

Hi @JayBob,

Ver classy piece of work. Couldn’t load any objects - I assume that is a later feature. Very smooth and responsive operation. What models are you planning to support?

Minor suggestion - option to move controls to top instead of bottom to avoid the Codea button panel.

Thanks for this.



very pleasant project. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks @Bri_G .

The load function simply loads anything that is saved within the project. When you save, the verts are saved to the saveData tab, then if you load, the meshes verts are set to whatever is in that tab. Just a quick solution to resume a project.

As for loading a model, i will have to look into that. It wasn’t planned, but im sure its possible.

magic?although i dont understand

Trying out using points instead of seperate triangles. Should make it easier and faster to use.


@JayBob everything looks so simple with you! =D> =D>

miraculous 3d building

Very good! The code is easy to understand!